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Social Media Campaign Management Agency in Los Angeles

User engagement and likes/followers on social media are critical to your company’s success. Additionally, businesses that leverage their base of followers have a key advantage in the marketplace. These strategies can provide additional sales tools for businesses to create cross-market partnerships.

Social platforms are beginning to offer conversion tracking (example: Facebook ads), and subsequently, there is an increasingly larger goal of delivering such metrics by various social networks.


Social media is beginning to have a large impact on search engine optimization. For example, Google+ and the roll out of Google Verified Author have started an integration process between social media and search engine processes. Search engines are putting larger emphasis on user engagement through various social media platforms. There is a lot of referral traffic that is associated with social media platforms.



Search Engine Optimization

Higher Page Rankings

Higher Page Rankings

On Search Engines Like Google

Increased Traffic

Increased Traffic

To Your Website

Increased ROI

Increased ROI

Return On Investment

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The various social media and PPC platforms can work together for your benefit. For example, stumble upon has a great PPC platform for masking organic content and driving traffic to sites. Twitter recently rolled out their PPC platform in the last year as well. These diverse options are why we include social media PPC as a part of our SEO campaigns and projects.

Our reporting will include an in-depth analysis of how social media can be utilized to your benefit and will track the impact it has on your search engine optimization efforts. Our team includes both social media experts as well as public relations specialists. These two fields strongly complement each other and enable us to create unique marketing opportunities for your company.

Our social media services include the following strategies:

  • Initial Audience Report

    We find the “who/what/where” of your target audience via websites they frequent/interact with and the “genres” of websites that they avoid.

  • Opportunities and Targets Report

    We’ll figure out which opportunities influence your consumer base to tap into their target demos throughout the project.

  • Execution and Biweekly Status Reports

    We handle the execution of the 12-month social calendar with an assigned Point-of-Contact from your team. At the end of each month, we evaluate and pivot the social calendar if needed. At the 6 month mark, we go through items 1-3 briefly to adjust on a larger scale if necessary.

We also offer these social media add-ons

Facebook Promotional campaigns: This can take the form of user-generated content campaigns and other such measures.

Reputation Management: Creating a more positive perception, but also increasing general brand awareness.

We also offer specific solutions depending on your business, unique needs.

Contact Coalition Technologies for a consultation from our team of social media experts. We look forward to personalizing your brand across social media networks.

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