Mobile Advertising Company in Los Angeles

Online businesses are facing the fact that a lot of online activity stems from mobile devices. As more and more devices become Internet-accessible, online advertising has to become more adaptable and accommodating to those platforms. At the beginning of this expansionary era, many people had difficulty accessing websites on handheld and other devices, because those sites were not properly programmed for such means. Now, those issues are predominately archaic glitches that rarely occur. The online industry realized there was a demand for changes, and it subsequently adapted to the new times.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Advertising is no different. Companies have already made large shifts from traditional advertising means, like newspaper and billboard advertisements, to more modern techniques, like online advertisements. Now, another change has been developing where companies are beginning to create and format unique marketing techniques for mobile devices.

Mobile advertising can be a powerful tool in your business’ arsenal of marketing methods. It enables you to reach out to the millions of users with smartphones, tablets, touch-pads, gaming devices, etc. That kind of influence can be of a large benefit to companies who rely upon ecommerce as either their primary business source or complimentary business source.

People are also spending more and more time on these mobile internet devices which is also encouraging companies to spend more and more energy on advertising to these users.

In 2009, there was a global total of 1.1 billion desktops and laptops compared to 4.6 billion web-accessible mobile phones

Mobile Marketing Strategies?

There are a variety of strategies that Coalition Technologies can use to create your mobile advertising campaign. We will first look at your target demographic profiles or research this information ourselves. Once we have a thorough understanding of who your audience is, we will then begin looking at where these respective demographics congregate in the online world.

Finally, we can identify what types of devices your visitors are using, so we can know what type of advertising campaign will work best for your company.

Even beyond identifying if a visitor is using a laptop or smartphone, we can tell what operating system they are using. There is a wide range of metrics concerning people who use iOS versus Android based mobile devices, as well as other operating systems, like Symbian or RIM. We can fine-tune your mobile 

advertising efforts to the profile of your target market. Whether you are looking for a niche or a big slice of a particular industry, these tactics can give you a versatile marketing campaign that delivers the numbers you want.

If a lot of your visitors are accessing your site through mobile devices, we will include mobile advertising as a part of your marketing solution. When you reach your target audience through the same avenues that they regularly use, you are instantly in a powerful position to earn a lot of conversions.

Coalition Technologies is an experienced mobile marketing strategist. We know the nuances of this particular form of advertising, and we understand how to make it work toward your benefit.

Contact us today to see which search engine optimization techniques are best-suited for your business, and learn what the Coalition Difference is all about!