Case Studies

  • Spiceology

    Spiceology sells a variety of spices, herbs, and their custom blends. They wanted to be able to sell to individuals and also restaurants and chefs at a wholesale price. In order to achieve B2C and B2B customer groups and pricing, we recommended they move to BigCommerce. They also wanted to be able to feature unique content such as recipes, so we decided on a WordPress Headless BigCommerce shopping cart.

  • Silver Tips Tea

    After closing their brick-and-mortar store, Silver Tips Tea focused on growing their wholesale and online channels. Since then, the brand’s site has undergone several changes to serve its customers. The owners were still dissatisfied and sought Coalition Technologies to design and develop a modern website. Read on to see how we designed, developed, and launched, achieved positive ROAS on pay per click advertising, and increased brand awareness.

  • Unreal Brands

    Founded in 2011, Unreal Snacks provide healthier chocolate snacks to consumers. Despite having undergone several evolutions since its launch, the brand believed that they have plateaued and wanted to grow their business. Our team discussed with the Unreal Brand their needs and entered into a partnership to build a user-friendly website that would boldly reflect the brand’s “Unreal” vision and tone.

  • Wildly Organic

    This independent organic food company promotes happier and healthier lives through their natural ingredients. Having been with us for 2 years, they have seen a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6,100%, with a spend of $2,188 resulting in a revenue of $134,115.

  • Lightwave Coffee

    The wholesale award-winning coffee is known for its quality and consistency. After 2 months with us, Lightwave coffee has seen a 350% increase in overall monthly sessions with a 41% increase in the average engagement time per session.

  • Asado a Casa

    This Miami-based Latin cuisine company provides flavorful ingredients to consumers all over the world. They provide the spice, Coalition will provide a well-designed Bigcommerce experience for their customers.

  • Fierce Fruit

    This fruit puree company offers easily accessible organic fruit with no preservatives. They have a variety of fruits and puree sizes, and are committed to offering the best tasting fruit. After 3 months with us, monthly organic traffic has increased by 177% and monthly organic revenue grew by 60%.

  • Edoughble LLC

    This edible cookie dough client serves up high-quality ingredients and a fun family atmosphere. They needed a website that attracted those of us with a sweet-tooth, which is most of us. We worked with Edoughble to coordinate a website that was easy to navigate for their users and showed off how much fun cookie dough can (and should) be. Take a look and see if your mouth doesn’t start watering at this delicious design.

  • Kings Bottle

    This Australian-based refrigerated wine cellar company offers its customers the top-quality products for competitive prices. It was looking to expand into the US market and turned to us for their expert services. Read on to see after working together for a few short months, revenue had increased by 132.45% and new sessions by 73.2%.

  • Milk & Eggs

    This Los Angeles based delivery service brings products directly from farmers to their customer’s door. They turned to Coalition for help upgrading their site to improve user navigation and increase their rankings by improving the overall quality of their site.

  • Clint and Sons Jerky

    Nom nom nom. ‘scuse us while we enjoy some delicious jerky. Perhaps you could take a few minutes to check out Clint and Sons new ecommerce site and pick up some for yourself.

  • Jackie and Eddie’s

    Mouth watering website design is right! Coalition delivers a gorgeous BigCommerce website fresh out of the oven.

  • Fat Toad Farm

    If the words ‘goat’s milk caramel’ don’t conjure up hunger pangs, than our delectable looking rebrand of Fat Toad Farms’ digital presence certainly will.

  • Promax & Pure Bar

    These health and fitness bars provide organic nutrients to fuel your workout and curb your cravings. They approached us looking for promotional design work, as well as optimizing their mobile websites. In a year, we increased mobile traffic by 185% and tablet traffic by 369%.

  • Millies Gelato

    Coalition brought an inspired design to life by seamlessly blending a WordPress and BigCommerce development, adding to its portfolio of food and grocery web design and development clients.