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The Internet has brought a lot of good into the business world. It allows for more transparency and lets businesses and consumers connect in unique ways, not to mention the rise of ecommerce based companies. However, for some businesses and individuals, the Internet brings with it a fair share of headaches.


One of the bigger problems for people can be negative search results. For businesses, this typically comes in the form of negative reviews from past customers, whereas for individuals it comes in the form of harsh, critical opinion pieces. Either way, there is a wide variety of negative online content.

Some of these are highly suspicious and can inflict real harm to businesses. Unscrupulous businesses will write fake negative reviews to harm their competitors’ online reputations. And then there are sites who will obtain daily police reports, post any mug-shots that they receive, and then demand outrageous payments to take down those unflattering and compromising images. These practices certainly raise complicated ethical questions, but we understand that for some clients and businesses, they care less about the philosophy and just want to restore their online image to its former, unblemished self.

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There is no simple way with dealing with these sorts of problems because they vary widely on a case-by-case basis. However, the one piece of advice we give to clients is to make things right themselves if there are legitimate points being made against them. If you have a bad review on a site like Yelp, it can do a lot of good to simply respond to the complainant, get to the bottom of their bad review, and then try to remedy the situation yourself. This is already a common practice with most major corporations: they will typically respond to negative reviews on social media sites like Facebook in a quick manner in order to prevent the story from going viral. Additionally, directly addressing issues of that nature often helps build a positive public image because it demonstrates that the business genuinely cares about its customer satisfaction.


After that first bit of basic advice, we can take a look at the situation and then figure out the best course of action from there. We have a strong arsenal of strategies to overcome those negative reviews and increase our client’s online reputation in the most favorable fashion possible. We’ve dealt with many different types of negative content and we’re continuously surprised by what new ways have been developed to harm people’s reputations.

Nevertheless, after working with so many different clients from numerous industries, we’ve become extremely flexible in addressing these types of problems. But even more important than our versatility is the fact that we don’t simply try to erase these undesirable types of content; rather, we take steps to increase the trustworthiness and reliability of your brand or image using genuine, sincere tactics. It could be that 99% of your users, consumers, customers, etc. are satisfied with your company, but you have one negative review which seems to incessantly haunt you. Or you might be in the opposite situation, where you made a big mistake and you now have a big public relations mess to deal with. History shows us that humans are fallible beings, but we also have the ability to learn from our errors in order to improve ourselves. When you take the time to take care of these issues, you have an opportunity to win people over to your side and even potentially increase your revenues, visits, conversions, or however your business measures its success. Coalition Technologies is here to support you throughout this process and earn you the sort of brand loyalty and admiration that your business deserves.

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