Case Studies

  • Roku

    Roku supplies affordable and easy-to-use devices for watching and streaming TV shows, movies, and music. This audio and video equipment manufacturer also provides its customers with Video on Demand (VOD) streaming services. They sought Coalition’s help to grow their brand engagement and improve rankings of ad-supported content on their streaming platform.

  • Audition Showdown

    This social media app allows users to upload performance videos to win weekly prizes including money, recording contracts, etc. They are looking to bring cable entertainment to the next generation. After working with us, they have seen goal completions up by 110% for organic users and up 89% overall.

  • River Comics

    This company offers unlimited comic books online through their app for a low monthly price. These comics bring a new experience to the genre as they are animated and given voiceovers by the creators. Within 3 months of working with us, they have seen a 235% increase in monthly sessions.

  • Ultimate Party Superstore

    This party supply store has anything you need to throw the ultimate party. After 11 months with us, The Ultimate Party Superstore experienced a 47% increase in their monthly revenue and a 43% increase in their overall revenue.

  • Koyal Wholesale

    Koyal Wholesale is an industry expert in the wedding and event planning supply space. They came to Coalition Technologies looking to refine and streamline their email marketing efforts as well as to continue building and optimizing their retention automations.

  • Marcus Ashley Gallery

    This brick and mortar art gallery in South Lake Tahoe wanted to have a greater online presence. After 1 year of our SEO & PPC efforts, Marcus Ashley Gallery had a 67% increase in organic sessions and a 300% increase in organic revenue.

  • Resin Obsession

    Resin Obsession was taken over by a former metal jeweler who discovered her love of resin jewelry, and hasn’t turned back since. Offering classes, supplies, and advice – this website saw 82% more organic sessions within 8 months of working with us.

  • Galerie Michael

    This leading Beverly Hills art gallery contacted Coalition Technologies for WordPress site design, development, PPC, SEO, and social media. We may paint with a different brush than Picasso, but our results were definitely museum worthy.

  • The Happy Movie

    The Happy Movie is one of the top 20 documentaries of the last decade. Coalition’s website has helped them deliver an on message experience, online.

  • CW Network

    This major TV network is known for its action-packed shows, such as The Flash, Supergirl, and The Vampire Diaries, to name a few. With Fall premiers of beloved shows such as The Flash coming up, they reached out to Coalition for SEO. During the first month of SEO work, the site received a total of 15,822,812​ sessions out of which 3,742,670​ sessions were organically generated.

  • Anonymous Content

    This production and management company works with top talent to achieve their industry goals. They wanted Coalition to build a website that incorporated an application that allows them to sort and create reports based on sales data. Take a look at Anonymous Content.

  • CBS Altitude Group

    This marketing agency focuses on local media advertising. They operate through media superpower CBS and work to help local businesses run productive campaigns. So, why come to us? They knew Coalition delivers great results and that we could get their site to generate even more leads.

  • Oprah Winfrey Network

    This entertainment giant is a household name that needs no introduction. But just in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Oprah Winfrey Network is a television network run by famed talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey. Her team came to Coalition for an SEO audit to ensure that their website and internal team were doing the very best possible job. We provided them with an extensive SEO report with suggestions for improvement.

  • The Acting Corps

    This Los Angeles acting school boasts some pretty recognizable clients: Rainn Wilson and Sydney Pollack to name a few. They offer a variety of classes to actors at any point in their career. They came to Coalition looking to bring more students into their program. After only two months of SEO and PPC, visits are up 43.27% and application submissions are up 78.57%.

  • Joe Solo Productions Inc.

    This producer, songwriter, and composer wanted a website that would highlight his talent and experience in the music industry. He wanted a website that would showcase his skills and generate new clients. Coalition built a custom website, making sure that his list of accomplishments and endorsements appear prominently. Take a look for yourself!