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Online Reputation Management Glossary

  • Authenticity

    The state of present legitimate content and using white-hat strategies

  • Content

    Any information that your business presents to the online world (text, images, videos, etc.)

  • Forum

    A website or webpage which enables users to post content (usually questions) in order to receive feedback from other users (usually answers)

  • Link

    Sometimes referred to as a hyperlink, web address, or url. Provides a connection to another website or webpage.

  • Online Audit

    A review of an individual’s or company’s presence in the online world. This details the Internet activities that the said party has been involved with and allows one to obtain a snapshot of the consequences of those actions. In other words, it evaluates one’s online reputation based on any content that refers to him, her, or it.

  • Online Communities

    Usually social websites which permit users to connect to one another and exchange a particular type of information, whether professional, personal, or both.

  • How one is perceived based on any relevant online content. For instance, if a business has a lot of negative reviews on websites like Yelp!, then its online image is going to be hurt.

  • Online monitoring

    The conscious and intentional scanning of any potential online developments that may affect one’s reputation. One can only address and fix online reputation problems if there is an awareness of those problems.

  • Taking proactive steps in overseeing and adjusting online interaction strategies in order to ensure that you or your business have the best possible reputation. Coalition focuses on improving your reputation in authentic fashions that will help you develop long-term relationships with your clients.

  • Page Rank

    The ranking that a search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.) assigns to a particular website. The page rank determines how far down a site will appear on the search engine’s result pages.

  • Utilizing a variety of strategies with the intent of improving a website’s ranking in the search engine result pages when someone’s search query is a targeting keyword for that website.

  • A term that encompasses the content which enables people to connect on a personal basis. This can be a powerful avenue when it comes to business marketing.

  • Social Network

    An interconnected group of individuals, businesses, or profiles that enables them to constantly stay informed about one another.

  • Transparency

    Conducting online business in a legitimate manner that is free from any unscrupulous behavior.

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