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Control Your Online Reputation

When it comes to getting conversions, your business’ or individual reputation needs to be trustworthy, reliable and convincing to your site visitors or users.

More and more people are reviewing the businesses they choose to interact with through a variety of online means. There is an increasing amount of review sites ranging from Yelp to the Better Business Bureau to Rip off Report. The amount of platforms that users can use to learn about the quality of companies is becoming more powerful each and every day.

These trends make it an absolute necessity that individuals and businesses alike actively control their online reputations. Simply ignoring the presence of these sites or of negative reviews and complaints about you or your business can have harsh and detrimental effects on your business.

Some statistics may highlight the importance of your online reputation even more:

Consumers acknowledge that their perceptions about companies are influenced by online reviews (eMarketer).

Consumers acknowledge that their perceptions about companies are influenced by online reviews (eMarketer)

American internet user claims that negative information caused them to change their mind about buying a product or service (eMarketer)

Whether negative reviews, blog posts, comments, articles; this type of content can have devastating consequences for businesses and individuals alike. The web is a portal to your business or organization and it can either present a window looking at an upstanding website or one riddled with a negative atmosphere.

The tricky thing with online reviews is that often only the consumers, clients, or users who had a bad experience with your company are the ones motivated enough to go tell people about it. Besides trying to reduce those bad experiences, businesses can do a better job of trying to actively encourage previous customers to tell their friends and the online world about it.

However, whereas many SEO firms will engage in black-hat activities to take shortcuts when it comes to improving your online reputation, Coalition follows a set of best practices which adhere to search engine’s policies as well as ethical guidelines. Consequently, our clients often experience better results when it comes to overseeing their online reputations because we keep our eye on the long term and not the quick and easy gimmicks which offer only limited benefits.

Contact us today and let’s start the conversation about how Coalition can make a difference for you.

Taking the time to invest in your reputation capital can lead to big payoffs in the future. Our world is continuously integrating with the Internet and companies are making the effort to guarantee they look attractive to the online community.

Coalition Technologies is familiar with the delicate nature of online reputation management. We have handled quite a few different scenarios for our clients and have been able to reduce potential risk stemming from their reputation as well as having been able to take them from the negative spotlight to the positive one.

Don’t let a bad reputation damage the success of your company. Join Coalition Technologies in turning your online image from a headache to another selling point.

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